How to Increase MTNL BSNL Broadband Speed

How to InHow to Increase MTNL BSNL Broadband Speed 

Usually the Internet Speed from both these service providers is limited as per the Internet Plan opted by you but still it is often observed that most of the users didn’t get the same promising Internet Browsing and downloading speed as offered by the companies therefore if you are one of the users facing the same issue then this post might prove useful for you. Just go through this article to Learn How to Increase MTNL BSNL Broadband speed.

Never try to buy or download software’s that claims to increase or boost your Internet Speed by 200% or double-triple as seen in advertisements because most of them are fake or spam and contains viruses which could rather prove harmful for your pc instead of Increasing your internet speed since there is no such software that can increase your internet speed beyond the bandwidth or speed provided by your Internet Service Provider.Read below on How to Increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed.

How to Increase MTNL BSNL Broadband Speed

Method 1 – By Unallocating the Reserved Bandwidth :

Usually Microsoft Windows by default reserves 20% of the Internet bandwidth for its self use or future needs in each of its Operating system including the latest Windows 8 too which means that if we deallocate this reserved bandwidth to 0% then it will definitely help in improving the current Internet browsing and downloading speed.So here below is a detailed instruction guide on how to free the reserved bandwidth from 20% to 0%.

1.Open Your Windows Local Group Policy Editor by typing "gpedit.msc" command in RUN Box.

2.Now Go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> QOS Packet Scheduler as shown below in the Image.

3. Under QOS Packet Scheduler You Will See a Setting With Name ‘Limit Reservable Bandwidth‘ Perform a Right Click on that and Select Properties or Else Double Click on that.

4. Initially You Will See this Setting as Not Configured which seems Weird but by Default Windows Reserves that 20% Bandwidth therefore Check the Box Enabled and Set the Bandwidth Limit to 0% as shown below in the Image.

That’s it and you have successfully deallocated the reserved bandwidth.

Method – 2 : By Changing the DNS Address

This is one of the most proven method to increase MTNL BSNL Broadband speed aka Internet Browsing and downloading speed by changing and using different Open DNS Address.

Go to Your Network Adapter Settings and Select TCP/IP and there in DNS Field.

Enter the below given DNS Addresses.

Preferred DNS –

Alternate DNS –

OR (Optional)

You can use the below Google DNS Addresses

Preferred DNS –

Alternate DNS –

Method – 3 : Using TCP/IP Optimizer

You can also use trusted free third party software’s to MTNL BSNL Broadband spped and TCP/IP Optimizer is one of them a free to use software that works by optimizing your TCP/IP Configuration settings so as you get the most out of your Internet.

1. First of all Download TCP Optimizer and Install it on Your System – Download Link

2. Start TCP Optimizer and Go to General Settings.Here Move the Internet Speed Slider to 1MB or upto the Speed Provided by Your Internet Service Provider.

After Fixing the Slider Position to Desired Speed Check Mark the Optimal Box as shown below.

Note – After Using TCP Optimizer if you Feel that it has Decreased Your Internet Speed instead of Increasing then You Can Easily Restore back it to your original Settings by Using the Backup that You Have Created in the SG TCP Optimizer.

3. Now Restart Your Computer so that new effects can take Place.

4. That’s all and Your are all Done Enjoy Fast MTNL BSNL broadband speed.crease MTNL BSNL Broadband Speed
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