How to Download Google Maps Offline in Android ?

How to Download Google Maps Offline in Android ?

Download Google Maps Offline – Google Maps is the Best Navigation Apps in Google Play Store. It is Developed by Google Inc. So, There is no Doubt that Google Maps is Trusted One on Internet. While Traveling Strange Places We use our Android Phones to Navigate and Route the Path of our Destination. What If there is no Internet Connection or no Networks in that Area. So Here we Come up with the Google Maps Offline Trick that now you Download Google Maps Offline in Google Maps that You can Save a Map Area in your Android Phone Offline and use in Future without any Internet Connection.

Steps Download Google Maps Offline in Android :

  1. Open “Google Maps” App in your Android Phone.
  2. Now Search for any Place that you want to Save Offline in Google Maps.
  3. Now After Search your Desired Location.
  4. Go to Above Search Bar and hit Backspace and Drop down menu will automatically appear and Go to Last Where you Find an Option “Save a new Offline Map” Click on it.
  5. Google Offline Map Area Downloaded in your Smartphone. Name that Offline Area that you Download in your Android Phone.

How to Use Google Offline Maps when You have no Internet Connection ?

  1. Open “Google Maps” App in your Smartphone. Swipe Left to Right and Go to “My Places”.
  2. You see your Saved Offline Map in your my places. (Your Offline Map Area Only show when you have no Internet Connection).
  3. Now Hit Your Saved Google Offline Map Area and Browse those Map Area without Internet Connection. It can help you to reach your Destination with Google Maps Offline.
  4. Keep Navigate your Area with Google Maps Offline.

From Editor’s Desk :

Google Maps Offline is the Newly Added Feature in Google Maps that Help some People who Love Adventures and Tours for Different Places. By using this Features anyone can Browse Google Maps Offline. You only need to Download that area in Google Maps Offline.
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