Top 8 Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking Online in 2017

Top 8 Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking Online in 2017

Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking 2017 – In the Current Era, Everybody wants to Learn Hacking but this is not an easy task until you have a newbie and don’t aware about computer & network security. Before Entering the world of hacking you must have a basic knowledge of computers. This article is basically dedicated to youngsters who are  crazy about hacking and want to become an ethical hacker. So We have a list of Websites that provide you a content on hacking tutorials and article on security that help you to gain knowledge in the game of hacking. We compiled these websites list because on internet you need to search again and again in google so using these sites you can easily get your solution. Every Newbie wants to learn hacking as quick as they can. So This Post is definitely for those who have less time to reading books and all types of theory shit. Just learn basics and put into the practical work and it gives you the more experience than books. So that’s why we posted the Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking 2017 here.

Basics of Hacking – There are two types of Hacking Ethical(White Hat) and Unethical(Black Hat). Unethical hacking is illegal while ethical hacking might be considered as legal. So these are a website that offers you white hat content so guys Keep in mind you are new in hacking so don’t perform any hacking & cracking tactics that not infringement to any cyber law.

After Sorting the list of Best sites which is capable of offering a suitable content for newbies we compiled the list of best websites to learn ethical hacking. You can get all types of your queries from these below sites. just explore these sites and you can learn a lot of things related to computer and security.List of best websites to learn ethical hacking :

Hack a Day | best websites to learn ethical hacking :

Hack a Day is one of the first ranked sites to offers hacking news and all types of tutorials upon hacking and networks. You can get your most of the resource on Hack a Day Site. Many of hackers use this site to get the latest news in the world of hacking and news around the globe. It can give users mixed content like hardware hacking, signals, computer networks and etc. All types of latest cyber attacks updated here with the detailed description so hackers and newbie aware about it. This is not only for hackers it also for people who are in the field of Digital forensics and security Research.

Hack This Site

This is another site to get hacking tools and other resources. It is like hack a day site that gives you hacking news as well as hacking tutorials. You can sign up for this site and get more features of this one. In the left sidebar, you can see all types of site links and challenges related to programming. They can offer users to free underground training on hacking that peoples aware about the hacking world and stay safe or get interested in hacking.

Eccouncil-CEH Ethical Hacking Course

CEH which stands for Comprehensive Ethical Hacker. It provides you comprehensive ethical hacking and network security training courses to learn white hat hacking. You just choose the hacking course package and join to get trained to become a professional ethical hacker. From this site, you can get all types of courses that makes you a certified ethical hacker.

Evilzone Forum

Evilzone is a hacking forum where you can see the discussion on hacking and crack. On this site, you could see tons and tons of questions and answers regarding ethical hacking. So, you will need to register to get your ID to raise your questions there. Professional hackers will post the solution to your queries. The community people are very serious and so don’t be a kid in asking simple hacking tricks.

Break The Security

As the name of this site explain the motive of the site. Break The Security offer all type of hacking stuff such as hacking news, hacking attacks and hacking tutorials. They also offer you various types of useful courses that make you certified hacker. It is very helpful if you choose the security and field of hacking and cracking.


SecTools which means security tools and this site is dedicated to delivering important tricks regarding network security and so that you could learn to fight against the network security threats. They also provide security tools with detailed description about it.

Hack In The Box

Hack In The Box is a popular website in providing security news and happenings from the hacker underground. You can get enormous hacking articles about Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Programming and much more. This site also having a forum community and hence users can discuss hacking tips.
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