Top 10 Most Popular Linux Distributions of 2017

Top 10 Most Popular Linux Distributions of 2017

In this article I will review the top 10 linux distributions that you can try. For those who don't know linux , Linux is the Free and Open Source operating system modelled on UNIX. Linux is the most secure operating system out there. Linux has a number of different versions to suit nearly any type of user. From new to hard-core users, you'll find a "flavor" of linux to match your needs. These versions are called distributions (or "distros" in short). The most amazing thing about linux is that you can run the software from a CD or a USB thumb drive even without ever having to install it on your machine, so that you can take a test drive of the OS.

10. Arch Linux

 Arch Linux stands out in the Linux ecosystem because it is not based on any other distributions and yet it is well-known and extensively used by the community.

I won't recommend Arch to a new user mostly because the installation process is a bit complicated in that it will require a great deal of intervention on the user's part.

9. CentOS

 CentOS is best known for servers. Its desktop version is not that popular but continues to improve over time.

Although the best known and most used as a distribution for Linux servers . its desktop version continues to improve. In addition, it robustness, stability and 100% binary compatibility with RHEL makes number one alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on  cloud VPS vendors.

This is best for server

8. Elementary

Elementary OS is a Linux distribution based on ubuntu. This is a nice looking desktop distro with great visual appearance.

It was first made available in 2011 and is currently on its fourth stable release based on Ubuntu 16.04

7. Zorin

Zorin is Ubuntu-based distribution was born and currently maintained in Ireland. It has windows-like GUI.

The main goal of this distribution is to provide a free operating system similar to Windows while allowing users to enjoy the freedom of linux.

6. Fedora

Fedora is built and maintained by Fedora Project (and sponsored by Red Hat, Inc.).

If you want the latest and the greatest FOSS software, Fedora is one of the first places you should look.

5. Manjaro

Manjaro is a Arch Linux-based distribution. It comes with number of preinstalled desktop environment, graphical applications and multimedia codecs to play audios and videos.

According to me, Manjaro is the best looking linux distribution out there. I would recommend you to give it a go.

4. OpenSUSE

Another great linux distribution, OpenSUSE is one of the cost free alternatives to the enterprise king(Red Hat Enterprise Linux). On top of that, OpenSUSE is the operating system of choice for both geeks and new users.

It is also a nice looking Operating System.

3. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and widely used linux Distribution. Ubuntu has a large user base and the community support is outstanding as well.

In addition, Ubuntu is available both in desktop and server editions, and being based on Debian, it is also a rock-solid operating system.

If you are a newbie you should start with Ubuntu

2. Kali Linux

Kali Linux is based on Debian, which stands out for its robustness and stability. It is designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. It is most popular among hacker community, maybe because it comes with number of preinstalled tools that is used in pentesting.

1. Linux Mint

Linux mint is a stable, robust, and elegant Ubuntu-based distribution. It is the most good looking Ubuntu based linux distribution out there. 

If you are moving from windows or mac I would recommend you to start with Linux mint. Linux Mint is the preferred distribution of both new and experienced users.
In this article I shared 10 most popular linux distributions and hope you find one that suits your need.

So that's it guys. Comment section are below (as always) if you have any questions.
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