How To Get Free Traffic And Quality Backlinks For Your Blog in 2017

How To Get Free Traffic And Quality Backlinks For Your Blog in 2017

Blog commenting is the best way for a new website to bring some referral traffic and build links for the long run.There are usually many posts about using blog commenting to drive traffic. It works for the traffic alone. But the main value isn’t the traffic you generate, but the potential to build high-quality links.There are various link building tactics to follow, but blog commenting in niche blogs with high domain authority always works.

Most Newbies make the mistake of posts low-quality comments on various blogs, which doesn’t really work well. To make blog commenting as your primary way of link building, Here are certain tips & tricks to follow while commenting on blogs.

Best  commenting tips and tricks 2017

Similar niche: The first point is obviously commenting on similar niche blog only. E.g. we are running this blog to share WordPress guide, blogging tips related articles. So, there are tons of blog on this niche, so we don’t find it difficult to find the niche blogs for commenting. But in case, you are writing on some unique niche, then you may have to find the list of blogs carefully.

Get a Gravatar: Use a good image in your avatar profile so that it looks natural. Try to avoid images of action figures, icons etc which may not represent the real person behind the comment. Use your real name: Always try to comment as a human only, with your name and proper image. This will help others to explore more about you and your blog, after reading your comments. personally, I love to read comments on blog posts, to enjoy the discussion and the follow those people’s blog who really shared something good.

CommentLuv: Commenting on comment lurv blogs is another good way to build backlink. Many comment Luv blogs are providing do follow back link as well, with some conditions.

Never insert link disqus commenting system: When you are commenting using your disqus profile, better to avoid pasting naked links, as this might make your comment spam and may not get approved. In case disqus comment, simple commenting is enough, as you will get traffic or link benefit with the link mentioned in your profile itself.

Try to become the first commenter: This is one fo the best trick which worked awesome for us. If you can write the first comment on top blogs, then it will help your blog to get some regular referral traffic. But make sure you have written something interesting by adding something over the content.

Write more lines & inter link: You can also help people to answering their questions asked on many top blogs by referring various articles published already. In top blogs, most of the time the questions asked by readers, kept unanswered as the blogger might be busy in other activities. In such case, you can use this opportunity to answer those queries with proper reference.

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