5 mistakes beginners make after getting approved adsense

It is no doubt a thing of joy for blogger as beginner after getting their adsense account approved. nevertheless beginners to adsense do make mistakes by involving in all kinds of internet money making scheme involving adsense without thinking of the implication in the long run.yeah i was also tempted to engage in all kinds of make money scheme online after getting my adsense account approved but have to disciplined myself not to get caught up in the deep blue sea.today i am going to share with you on 5 mistakes beginners make after getting approved adsense account

i have seen lots of people made this same mistakes and at the end, they get frustrated and left with no other options than to loose focus or quit blogging after getting ban by adsense.

mistakes made by beginners after getting adsense account approved

==> not taking caution of their adsense account.

most beginners think that after getting approved, there is no need to take caution of their account.they neglect every tips and tricks to stay safe from adsense tos since the excitement is still flowing.there is need to avoid invalid click and impression, need to take caution of the kind of post you make and how you drive traffic to your blog.not adhering to adsense tos would get you ban within a short period of time, so its advicable you stay away from their TOS.

==> engaging in adsense sharing scheme

i see lots of newbies make the mistake by engaging in adsense sharing website after getting approved.most time the implication may not be that easy to rectify cause Google also have rules and regulation on site that accept sharing like ,docstoc, Hubpages, Flixya etc.

==> creating more website for adsense purpose

this is also a serious issue cause almost all newbies tend to make the mistake of creating more than two website immediately they have been approved.there is no point creating a website you can't manage after getting ban, guess you didn't thought of it that your account might be disable or ban as a result of most of the website not in compliance with adsense program.some may say its a niche site so Google is not against such site.

yeah, they may not bother about it but you have to ask your self if you can manage it in the long run, remember you will also need traffic to such website that will convert into clicks.so think twice before pressing that create a blog button.

==> asking visitors to click on their adsense ads

some of us thinks google is sleeping and feel there is no way they can monitor and track your activities even if they are not seeing you.well, i will advice you to stop every form of cheating pattern to outsmart google because they will sense your dealings in no time.newbies make the mistake of telling their friends and family to click on their adsense ads without considering the implication.

you don't need to do such cause as time goes on, you will smile in to the bank for being sincere with their program.if you are caught, you will get ban and also your name and details will be on google's blacklist

==> over optimizing their adsense ads

guess we have heard of the saying that too much of every thing is not always favourable.same also applies to adsense ads optimization.no one is saying you should not give your ads some level of attrativeness for visitors to click but there is always a limit to doing so.

google is against over optimization of their ads, making your ads look like your website and image is not always serviceable.that's all.ENJOY

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