7 things you should do before applying for google adsense

Day in day out a lot of website owners keep applying for Google adsense and still yet their application get disapproved.the first disapproval is some time worrisome as one may think that they did every thing right but in several occassion it may be because of a simple reason that made them to disapproved your application, so it's best to avoid such.today i am going to share with you on the tips to get your Google adsense application approved

if you have been applying for adsense and still get rejected, its time to set things straight, there may be several simple reasons why your application get disapproved and you can fix that problem.

things you must do before applying for google adsense


so many newbies to blogging usually makes this mistake.after creating your website, it is advisable to create a privacy policy to enable visitors and business companies know much about how you make use of the information you get through your website.the visitors and companies privacy should be confidential which you have to state on your website.so therefore, google adsense does take privacy policy on website serious cause visitors are the one that will click on the ads.

you can read how to create privacy policy for your website or blog


there is no two ways about it, the main reason why visitors are coming to your website is to seek for information that may interest them, so posting genuine content on your website gives visitors the zeal to visit more and more cause google ads are not made for ghost or bot, real human beings must be the one to click.if your content are not genuine, then you need to start developing and thinking of writing genuine content to keep your website visitors.although there is no amount of post that have be said to be on your website before adsense will accept you but that does not mean you should apply with barely 2 or 3 post and think they will accept you.


as a matter of fact, the design of your website should be presentable for both visitors and business companies.your website should have good navigation structure that will guide visitors to what ever they are looking for.the design should not make things difficult for visitors to navigate.google frawn on website with bad design especially bad navigation structure, so take note of that


age is also one of the reason why some people are being rejected into Google adsense program.adsense does not allow minors in to their program.according to them, any applicant must be 18 years or above to be accepted into Google adsense program except you have your parents or guardian approval of your application with their Google account.


i cant really say if this affect getting approved by adsense but as a serious business man, you should go for a top level domain name instead of using a subdomain.there are lots of people that are applying for adsense every day with custom domain and still getting rejected, you can get a domain name for your website


if you really want to get a chance of your sdsense account being approved, then you must take consideration on the type of content you post on your website or blog.do not post any thing that has to infringe on copyrighted material like posting of software crack, serial keys, music download, movies download, sexual content etc.posting of stuffs like this is against adsense TOS, so avoid it else you may rep the consequences in the future date as you may be asked to delete all the unsolicited and copyrighted material from your website else your account would be ban or disabled


so many of us are fond of exchanging links and paying for traffic from unsolicited website.google loves genuine traffic expecially from search engine like google search, bing, yahoo etc cause they are targeting.base on what people search online will give tell adsense on the king of ads to serve to the visitors and thus unsolicited link exchange and buying of traffic is not advisable.

if you abide by some of the listed things to avoid, then you can have a chance of being accepted to adsense program.
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