Adsense complete guide to boost your earning like me 2017

Google AdSense is one of the safest and easiest ways to make money online. When you plan on creating a blog in a good niche, then you can apply for google adsense for extra cash

 When you create a blog for a particular niche, Google AdSense will go through your content and give you ads that are specific to your keywords and related to your content. Adsense are the first choose when it comes to blogging cause not every ad company serves high quality ads that are updated automatically and matches your keyword %100. 

So If you are ready to start monetizing your website with google adsense , then here are some tips you need to know about cause Adsense can be extremely powerful when implemented correctly. 

 1. Use Better Keywords Sometimes: 

 Creating a niche website isnt always enough, effective Keywords are the bread and butter of Google Adsense earnings. For example when you use a high competitive keywords you’re not going to rank as well as when you use a lower competitive keywords. There are many free ways to check for low competitive keyword which are Google AdWords keyword planner, SEMrush,keywordtools.ioSERP etc. 

 2. Have Proper Keyword Density on your post

 Check your keyword density before you post an article onto your website or blog. keyword density is the number of times a keyword appears on your post. Your keyword density is going to determine the relevance to the content for your niche and will improve your traffic in the search engines. It’s pretty easy mathematics that is more traffic=more click=more income However, your keyword density is also going to determine the kinds of advertising is posted onto your site. There is nothing worse than having a niche site for SEO optimization and having an Adsense ad that has to do with fashion. 

 3. update your blog regularly 

 This is really difficult for new bloggers. Writing new content every day is not some great revelation, but it is proven to generate traffic to your blog and boost readers engagement. Make sure that you are using the best keywords and the best keyword density in your posts so that google adsense can relevance ads on your blog 

 4. Choose The Best Formats 

 Google Adsense comes in a lot of different formats. When you’re choosing the format for your blog or website, you want to use the banners for the top part of your website and the squares for the sides. In my opinion, the best formats are the 336×280 large rectangle ads, 160×600 skyscraper ads and the 300×250 medium rectangle ads. 

 5. Color Coordinate The Ads 

 When you’re using Google AdSense with your website, you want to make sure that the ads look like they are part of the site. People are more likely to click on something that doesn’t look like an ad. You want to make it look like they are clicking on a link that will take them to a different page on your site. Make sure that the border colors, the background colors, link colors and the text colors all match your site. You can do this through the control panel. You can even rotate the color palettes to make create a variety of colors when somebody visits your site. 

6. Position the ads well on your site

The position that your ads are in is very important to getting clicks. When somebody comes to your website, they scan the headlines to see if the information is relevant to their search. Using the links as navigational links around your website is one of the best methods of positioning. Put your links at the top and bottom of the content pages instead of on the side. Remember that you want the links to look like they’re part of your site. When you position them between at the top and bottom of your content pages you are more likely to get clicks. 

 7. Try not to Use Too Many Ads 

 You can go overboard with your ads. Having too much ads on your website will leave the reader wondering what they need to click for information and sometimes leave your site cause of the fear of malware. This can also look like spamming, something that you never want to do. And also you will be violating google adsense which states that not more than 5 ad unit on a page. Readers are humans and they don’t want a website that is specifically made for Google AdSense. They are there for your content so make sure that the content comes before the ads. Two to three ads on your site is the best amount to have.

conclusion :
 This handful tips worked for many of my website so give them a try and please encourage by sharing and commenting
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