Affiliate program for small publisher

Affiliates marketing is an internet based market place where you get paid as an affiliate for refferring
customer to another business or product.Unlike other means of monetization affiliate marketing comes out first as a stress free way of making money through your blog.even social media sites has become a marketing ground for affiliates campaigns,and you dont really have to know how to make banner.The best way to share your earning link is to include them in your post content.

               Reason why you would want to become an affiliate 

1)  To Earn Passive Income: Unlike earning from Adsense and other ad network, with the right strategy you could earn a lot from the comment of some bloggers making money through blogging. for example In a normal job you only get paid once for the work that you do, but as an affiliate you can keep making money from the same work.

2) You don’t Need To Be An Expert :  If you want to be an affiliate for web-hosting and the ability to market the right  products to the right people.

3)You Don’t Even Need a Product :  you simply have to promote products from the merchant website. Whether it’s an eBook about making money online or a eBook about adsense – there is always a product out there for you as an affiliate.


1)  Dreamhost Affiliate: dreamhost was the affiliate company i recieved my first income as an affiliate. dreamhost offers $97 for each referral of shared hosting. and for merchant looking to promote their goods Dreamhost shared hosting is reeally very cheap as you will get 50% discount on the yearly plan.

2)  Commission Junction: also  known as CJ Affiliate,this company offers a PayPerCall program that
help affiliates ensure they get paid commission leads they generate.Keep in mind that this affiliate
program requires constant management, unlike the usual set and forget systems of more thing its free to join the CJ Network and no special website requirements are there.

3)  Amazon Associates: has the most vast affiliate program and its most user friendly and easy to
grasp,unlike other affiliate company where publishers tend to say the product didn't fit their niche,
Amazon is different because of its vast collection of product over 1.6 million and counting.Amazon pays up to 10% commission for all affiliate sales.

4)   LinkShare: this is one of the oldest company in the affiliate distinct features has always set it apart from other,it offer great flexibility when it comes to ‘deep linking’ and it also rotate several banner for a particular product instead of the regular 300×250 ad size.And my favourite part is You’re able to select the particular page of the merchant’s site that the click is directed to which also enable you funnel affiliate purchase.

5) ShareASale: this is one of the biggest company in the industry with over 3800 merchants on its list
and you’ve got the option to focus mainly on those merchants, whose offers aren’t available on any
other affiliate program.And  something I particularly like about ShareASale it’s their tracking system which is in real time.


The best way to know which of the network is most  suitable is to give them a try.for me have worked with all of the 5 and my experience with some are better than others relating to my niche.It may require some extra effort on your part, but it will enable you to experience, the advantages one network has over the others.

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