How to Maximize your earning on ad network is a top alternative to google Adsense, but most people tends to disagree after few weeks with the network because of the constant complain of the publisher maybe because of the drastic reduction in RPM or total seizure of earning, I also faced such problem that's why today am here to share my idea on how I solved it.

 First of all, you guys believe that is a CPM/CPC ad network but the main truth is that it's 100% CPC. Mainly for starters, uses the first week to analyze the quality of the traffic been sent ( the time when their accepts both CPM and CPC) after that it moves to mainly CPC.

IT also depends on the area your clicks are coming from Here is the average CPC of traffic from below countries.

Italy $1.29
Switzerland $0,95
Germany $0,99
US $1.05
Austria $0.98

                       Tips to get more revenue from on your website content

1) High-quality post content and traffic.
2) Visitors come from search engine.
3) Most of the traffic come from the tier one countries United States / Canada / United Kingdom
4) Your blog have English as the primary language

note: Most people complain about the account manager not responding to their mail,

  I've been with for some few months since I got banned from Adsense and trust me the dedication the account managers give to their publisher can't be compared to any other ad network.So if you're not getting any response from your account manager, it might be for the fact you're asking a particular question over and over again
                Best niche for 

7}make money online / internet marketing

          Bad niche for

 entertainment (movies, books, games, tv shows)
 super segmented/odd niches

 with these tips, i hope you've seen that are no scam and when you follow the rules and regulation everything will go smooth.
 Feel free to ask any question and share some tips on this post

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