Tips on how to boost your affiliate sales in 2017

Are you searching for a way to boost your website sales? (affiliate)re you tired of spending hours on blogging and yet still not making money?

It’s time to change your strategy and find out what really works. Increasing your website traffic is the first step. You don’t need to get solid understanding of online marketing to boost your website sales.

If you could implement these 5 tips, they will boost your overall website sales in 2017 and beyond.

                  the 5 most effective tips to boost your website sales

1. Your blog design is the major piority
Every successful blogger out there says content is the king. But if your blog design is boring, who will pay attention to your write up? If you are serious about making money online, then you blog design matters a lot in addition to your content.

Your blog design acts as a powerful branding tool of yourself. First impression is always the best impression.  it’s very easy to set up blog with basic design. But if you want to take your blog next level, give more emphasis to your blog’s design.

Make sure to have a unique and appealing logo design for your site. Analyze the latest logo design trends to create visually appealing logo design for your sites.

Use premium theme for your blog. Invest money for your blog design because

good site design attracts potential customers to your blog. People like spending more time on a site that has a great design with minimal distractions. Of course, your content matters!
A search engine friendly theme increases organic traffic to your blog and such themes are available only in premium themes.
If you ask me for theme suggestions, I would say go for 2 column design. It is very simpler and with nice big fonts 2 columns design serves better.

It’s never too late for anything. Re-design your blog NOW if you have not given damn to it.

2. Do keyword research
If you are neglecting the keyword research for your blog, it’s the biggest mistake because without keyword research there is no SEO and without SEO, it’s hard to get success in blogging.

Getting right kind of visitors is very important and this is where keyword research helps in achieving it. Eventually your blog site lands up with more traffic, sales. So keyword research ultimately plays a huge role in boosting your website sales.

keywords usage

How to find suitable keywords for your blog?

Identify niche topics in your industry. These are the topics that your readers search related to your niche.
Use long-tail keywords.These are 4 + word phrases which are specific. These are less competitive but very effective when compared to head and body keywords. Also make sure to know more about LSI keywords as they can help you get more visitors from search engines.
Make the best use of wikipedia. Go to wikipedia, type your niche broad keyword and search. Observe contents section as some of these will have killer niche topics. You can check internal links for more keyword ideas.
Observe reddit threads. Go to reddit, and type in your niche keyword. It displays subreddits under your niche topics. Observe the threads with more comments and make use of those keywords.
Take the help of these tools while doing keyword research:

SEMrush – you can get bunch of keyword ideas for your blog niche. The beauty of this tool is it analyzes your competitors high ranked keywords and suggest you.
io – It also works as an alternative to Google keyword planner.
Moz keyword explorer – This tool gives you lot many keyword ideas.
Google keyword planner
3. Analyze and learn from your competition
Whatever the business you are in, you must always spy on your competitors to grow. It doesn’t mean that you copy their ideas but observe the strategy they are following. By doing so, you won’t miss lucrative opportunities.

By analyzing your competitors you would be able to provide more sophisticated products that customer wants. You will understand how to market better.

Learn from the mistakes of others. Well everyone does mistakes but the challenge is are you learning something from it and implementing is what matters.

Analyze the following things to crush your competition:

What kind of services that your niche competitors are offering.
Observe your competitor customers, check their complaint boards.
How they are presenting the content?
How they are collecting email addresses?
What techniques they are using to convert visitors to buyers?
You can use tools like SEMrush and Buzzsumo for competitors research.

4. Focus on readers engagement, not just page views
always Build trust. Don’t just solely focus on increasing your website traffic.

After all, it’s people who pay you, not page views.

Engage with your readers when they leave comment on any of your post. When you gain loyal readers for your blog, you need not worry of your website traffic.

Focus more on building a thriving community around your blogging network and engage with your audience through social media and email to boost your sales.

5. Give  your email list #1 priority
Did you know that successful marketers like Ramit Sethi, Derek Halpern, Neil Patel etc generate 80% of their income through their email list?

The money is in the  list. Email marketing is the revenue engine for any online business. It is the most effective way to generate sales.

Why give #1 priority to your email list?

You build trust by sending email updates.
It can generate revenue within hours.
It is the cheapest way to communicate with your audience.
You can rebuild your business even you lost your social media accounts. Email list is enough to make you stand in the crowd again. You need not start from scratch.
When anyone subscribes to your blog newsletter, it means they have expressed interest in your business. You are given permission to communicate.

Social media platforms can make any changes at any point of time on the ability to reach your customers. But when you own something, you will have the complete authority on it. And yes email is your own asset.

Create useful content. Give reason for your blog visitors to sign up. Make use of pop up email boxes strategically in your blog. Integrate your email autoresponder to your blog. You can use comment subscription too.

Final Thoughts on increasing your website sales
Everything seems to be difficult before starting but once started, it becomes easy. You can create your brand in the online world. If you don’t have idea of what to do, observe your niche competitors. You can easily learn their strategies. Always add something value to your customers and sales comes on their own. It should always enhance customer experience.

So what are the other tips that you have for marketers to grow their website sales? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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