4 proven ways To Boost Readers Engagement On Your Blog

  Am going to come out plain that no blogger would be happy after putting much effort in writing great content,but ends up without readers engagement.  The question you should ask yourself before reading this post is "how can i encourage readers to engage with me.it might be through comment,social networks,or making your blog known on other blogs inline of your niche.


1)  Find Out What The Reader Needs 

Your readers are the pillars of your blog, they are the reason it exists. So it would be great to take time to find out what the difficulty their might be facing with their business, blog, product and how your blog can help them.

2) Create A Blog That Your Readers Will Always Want to Come Back

   When you read this you tend to ask yourself how is this possible,for 99% of the blog you visit  you
tend to see an "about us" page that cause it delivers a really clear message why your blog exist and
how its content can help them.
 Ever consider removing those widget that doesn't serves any purpose, and also those ads that aren't
really performing, doesnt mean you shouldn't earn from your blog but know those ads that irritates your readers.
NOTE:if your not running an entertainment blog  best stay clear from pop up  and interstial ads.

3) Publish Wonderful Content

 Your already creating great post ,but now its time to think/write of the box. and publishing great content not only gets engagement from your readers but also drives traffic to your blog. when trying to publish such post, first you have to cover a topic in more details than any other post on the web, and also remember that a post with images gets engagement from reader rather than just a "post".the most

important part where you must pay attention to is your "HEADLINE" always tryto choose the right
headline if you want to get enough traffic from your targeted audience .

4)Offer readers something helpful for free

 for blog that at least 40% of your traffic are organic there are chances that only 5% percent will return to your blog which in turn makes you lose 35% traffic for your  blog.
So what can we do about this?
the best way is to try offering free product maybe ebooks,coupon code or an app in exchange for joining your blog email list by doing this you will be able to send to all your readers your latest post directly to their email address.

         - Comment on other blogs in your niche

         - Respond to comments

          -Contribute to other blogs with an engaged audience

         - Publish content as often as your audience can consume

i mention this particular tips cause their were the one's i used when i started blogging so just give them a try and dont forget to share your comments below.
How are you engaging the readers of your blog? Do you have any tips to share?
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