7 Site That Pays You For Blogging

We Are Always Looking for ways to monetize our blog. Ever thought of getting paid just for blogging and  your writing skill.Thats why today am going to introduce paid2post which  is one of the best way  to earn revenue from blogging. Paid2post  is  really very easy, in a case where  an agreement is reached between the publisher and advertiser ,They pay you for your honest review about them.And when they is a third party involved{paid2post company}they take their comission from the pay you recieve. these company normally serves as  a market place for the advertiser to look for publisher and also vice versa.

If you have a good writing skill and want to start earning from pay2post then i have personally provided this list for you.
1)  SPONSORED REVIEWS: This company links you with advertiser who in turn pays you for your honest review about a product relating to your niche. My favourite part is they allow you write the review in your own way, style etc for your reader interest. 

2)  REVIEW ME: I love this company and am telling you this out of experience, you get paid for review on your site.It also gives you 100% control of what you  review. They pay between $20-$200 per service.

3)  PAYPERPOST: payperpost is an incredible  service marketplace for bloggers  they pay you  to blog about products, services that is related to your niche .why i love payperpost is that  You can earn $500 per month with your blog.

4)  451 PRESS:  This company prides it self for it unique content and write up,which means being a blogger isnt enough,what they need are talented writers with unique content to contribute to their network. They have a wide range of topic, so if you have passion for any topic 451 PRESS is for you.

5) BOTW MEDIA: If you are an experienced blogger, writer that can write about any topic and if you enjoy working with your own group then i think BOTW is for you.

6)  DAYTIPPER: this company pays for insightful tips.they pay $3 for each helpful and original tips delivered to them.they offer a chance  for publicity cause each useful post you give them goes across the globe.(out of service)

7)  WISE BREAD: This company is among the top  5 personal finance website.They offer 100% percent revenue of the advertiser to the publisher on each blog post. you can imagine how much you will be earning.

 This is the 7 pay2post site that pays well, so if you're looking for ways to monetize your website then why not  go through this list one more time am sure you will find a company that suits you. dont forget to share
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