How To Make Money From Buying And Selling Of Website

Buying and selling of website and domain  is a good way to make money online. You can buy mostly
any kind of domain, for example unique new or expired domain names  on websites such as GoDaddy, namecheapdomainking for a low price ranging from 2,000 Naira to 3,000 Naira per domain and then go to domain selling websites such as, etc. and auction your domain, if you own a unique domain name that someone like and wants badly, they will contact you through your emaiil address at the selling website where you listed it for sale .


   The most important step to take in order to get buyers and good prices for your domain is that the
domain name must be extremely unique, Also do not buy long domain names, keep it  simple . When
buying expired domains, buy the ones with high page rank and unique names, you can find a daily
updated list of expired domains at ( with their PageRank written beside them, use
PageRank checking websites such as ( to ensure that the PageRank
written on the Statscrop website is correct.

The more lucrative one is building websites from the scratch and selling them when they have attained a good traffic rank, is the world’s leading website rating website, you can write the name of any website in it and it will bring the ranking of the website both globally and locally.

  To earn well at selling websites, you need to create a website with global focus meaning you should not make it something only people from a particular country are interested in, it might work if you do that but it is better to go global so that your buyers won’t be restricted to a particular location and so you can sell at a good price quickly because when you place an ad to sell your website or blog on the website selling websites such as, it will be sold in an auction, therefore if it has a worldwide audience you will get higher bids on it from all over the world.


The domain name you use for the website should also be short and very catchy to increase your website’s value. Depending on the Alexa rank of the website globally, you can sell it for several
thousands. To get a very high price for your site,; post original content regularly, work on your SEO,
spend money and hire professional SEO experts to do it for you (To make money, you have to spend
money). Treat the website like your baby and you will be well rewarded at the end.
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